Alkyl Nitrates

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Alkyl Nitrate is the group name for a collection of drugs - amyl nitrate, butyl nitrate and isobutyl nitrate. Common names for alkyl nitrate include poppers, kix, rush, ram, rock hard, TNT and liquid gold. They usually come as gold coloured liquid in small bottles which users sniff.

alkyl nitrate

Poppers, Kix, Rush, Ram, Rock Hard, TNT, Liquid Gold

Small bottles of clear, gold liquid.

> Reduces blood pressure
> Dilates blood vessels
> Increases heart rate
> Makes user feel dizzy and disorientated

> Poisonous if swallowed
> Skin Consequences – scarring, spots, and rashes
> Starves body of oxygen
> Makes heart beat irregularly
> Damages nervous system, heart, liver and lungs
> Loss of hearing, vision and sensation.

The Law
It is illegal to sell Alkyl Nitrate to anyone under 18.

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